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In many jurisdictions at the Federal, State or local level, the law requires that health, education, financial and other industry company emails are retained for up to seven years. MDI's eArchive service is designed to help you comply with legislation such as the Sarbanes Oxley act (SOX), Gramm-Leach Bliley act (GLBA) and the Freedom of information act (FOIA).

Email has been recognized as an acceptable means of transmitting and documenting statements of public policy, and so the distinction between email and paper-based media with regard to its admissibility as a "record" in court has essentially disappeared. For example, according to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, electronic documents are now treated no differently than paper-based documents. At the state level, the Illinois Supreme Court, for example, ruled in 1995 that the definition of "documents" includes "all retrievable information in computer storage".

Beyond the legal requirement, self-maintenance of historical emails is a difficult task, exacerbated by disk space/maintenance, and search capabilities.

Introducing eArchive

MDI's eArchive is designed to help you maintain and easily search, report on, export, print and store emails for as many years as you wish. It is a completely automated process. eArchive is standards based. Emails are stored in an encrypted standard format, directly on the file system store. As a result, there are no hidden database maintenance procedures and the integrity of archived information is not subject to database corruption.

eArchive employs a highly scalable search engine technology. A Google-like web interface is provided, enabling auditors and authorized users to search through tens of millions of emails at the click of a button.

eArchive takes archiving responsibility away from the user. The user can retrieve a copy of emails from the compliance archive back into the user's mailbox with the original still remaining in the compliance archive.

Compliance Versus Non-Compliance Options

When set up for compliance, emails are archived for 7 years, and are non-deletable, with an audit login supplied for external/internal auditors, and an audit trail on all activities for compliance.

In a non-compliance scenario, archiving rules can be set up to meet the particular company's internal policy and requirements in terms of length of time archived and accessibility.

Flexible Pricing

eArchive offers great value at a great price. It incorporates all the features one would expect in a top-of-the-line email archiving system.

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